The inability to "hold it" comes from many different reasons. We get it! Bay Breeze RX has the goods to help manage all that comes with Incontinence to help with a carefree life!



Despite popular belief, older people are not the only ones affected by incontinence and continence problems. These issues affect people of all ages, gender, cultures, and backgrounds.

A few incontinence facts

  • One in three women who have had a baby experience loss of bladder control
  • One in five children wet the bed at some time
  • One in 100 adults never achieve bladder control at night
  • One in 20 adults experience bladder and bowel control problems

We have a complete line of products to assist you with better living

    • Adult undergarments – Briefs/diapers/pullups
    • Washable waterproof underpads
    • Garment liners
    • Waterproof mattress covers
    • Bedding/furniture protectors
    • Cleansing cloths
    • Skin care (no rinse and more)

  • For Peace of Mind

  • Our after hours support is available to help you 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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